The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland


It is hardly possible to visit one of the biggest tourist attractions of the Irish Island completely alone. Even on weekdays, the place is crowded with people from all over the world. However, I can’t complain since the wheather was awesome and so was the view. Hope, you enjoy the gallery. Let me know what you think!


6 thoughts on “The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

  1. Hey buddy. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work. So happy you did, because i got to see what you were doing. These are great. And I’m ashamed to say I’m half Irish, have been traveling around the world for fifteen years, and have yet to make it to Ireland. You’ve inspired me and hopefully I’ll make my way there this summer. Keep shooting. JT

    1. Hey JT, I am so happy for you, you returned the visit. There is no shame of not having seen everything on this planet, I think 🙂 Ireland has been a dream for me for many years, too. And to be honest, it still is. To get back again to see a lot more of the island and its people. Thanks so much for stopping by and writing these nice words.

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